Friday, December 23, 2011

Try SugarSync and Help the Museum!

SugarSync is a terrific FREE application that can be used to:

** Synchronize folders or files that you select between two or more computers.

** Make backup copies of selected folders and files that are stored in a secure online location.

** Send large files from one person to another without having to use FTP or other difficult methods.

If you give SugarSync a try, the museum will receive 500mb of additional free storage for its account. You will receive 5.5GB of free storage yourself, which you can use from one or more computers. If you find that SugarSync isn't for you, just uninstall it. If you wait at least 24 hours before uninstalling, the museum will still be able to keep its extra storage space.

To try SugarSync -- and help the museum -- click here.

Thank you!
Gary B. Coombs, Ph.D., Director
South Coast Railroad Museum

Monday, December 12, 2011

AT&SF 3751 Gives Volunteers A Show At Union Station Event

Museum volunteers Rich Guske and Dave Morse, who staffed the Saturday afternoon shift at Amtrak's 40th Anniversary event Dec. 10-11 at Los Angeles Union Station, were treated to this special holiday performance courtesy of Santa Fe steam locomotive 3751 and the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society.